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Rules and Regulations

    Welcome To Our World!

  1.)  Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to allow yourself time to get dressed and signed in.

  2.)  Please take care of your child's restroom needs before attending class.  If your child needs to use the restroom
        during class time, please accompany him/her to the restroom facility.

  3.)  Absolutely no gum chewing is allowed during class!

  4.)  No food or drinks, except water, is allowed in the training area.  Please bring your own bottle of water, we do not
        take breaks to the water fountain.

  5.)  Always ask permission before leaving the training area during class time.  Any child leaving the training area 
     must be accompanied by an authorized adult.

  6.)  Absolutely no horseplay or foul language is allowed.  Please be a positive influence for others.

  7.)  Please keep infants and unauthorized children away from the training area.

  8.)  Students must bow before entering and leaving the training area to demonstrate traditional courtesy and respect.

  9.)  All instructors are to be addressed as Mr./Miss (Ms.) or Sir/Ma'am.

10.)  As a student with our organization, you have made a pledge to maintain our traditional values of honesty, courtesy,
        respect and discipline, both inside and outside of the training facility.

11.)  Personal belongings may be placed along the walls of the training area or can be stored in the locker room.  You 
        will need to provide your own lock if a locker is used.  Gym bags with sparring equipment must be brought into the
        training room.

12.)  Please help us keep the training area clean by throwing trash away in the proper receptacles.

13.)  Please do not leave your personal belongings in the training area!  K.I.C.K. and the Taylor Ranch Community Center
         are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

14.)  Please also adhere to the separate rules and regulations of the Taylor Ranch Community Center.

15.)  Sparring equipment is mandatory for all sparring sessions.
        Required Safety Equipment:  Groin protector, mouthguard, sparring gloves, sparring boots and headgear.

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